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I have a PM instance in development and all in a sudden all Suggest control is not working. Does anyone has any experience like this?

There are some forms in development so it could be the code but the suggest control on some pre-developed forms are not working neither.

BTW, when I say not working, the searhcing icon shows up just that no data is returned. Restarted both apache and MySQL, did not work.

Any ideas on how I can diagnostic the case would be much appreciated. Thanks a million!
Are you sure that a firewall isn't blocking access to the port used by the database (for example, port 3306 for MySQL, port 1433 for SQL Server, etc.)?

Also, did you change the password of the user who accesses the DB? You can turn on query logging in the database to see whether your queries are arriving.

It is 100% within the firewall. It happened to me that one minute it works fine and the next minute all suggestion controls are not working. It could be someone in the team who was also working on the instance.

Anyway, after restarting the apache and mysql and not working, we decided to reboot the server over the weekend and things seem to be back to normal now. I have no clue on what happened tho but it is somewhat resolved...

Thank you.

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