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Do you want to store the case variables for the process in the database?
One approach you can use is:
* Create a trigger which executes the SQL query to insert the variables into a table of the database and set the trigger to fire at any step in your process.
* To query for SQL server will be similar to the MySQL queries, the only difference is in executing it. To execute the query for SQL server you will have to pass the id of the db connection in the executeQuery function, like:
Code: Select all
$db = "id of the SQL server connection";
$query = "INSERT INTO VAR_TABLE (ID, VAR, VAL) VALUES ("01", "name" , "ABCD")";
$result = executeQuery($query, $db);
Hope this helps

Best Regards
Thanks for your support.

Yo tengo creado un trigger con nombre “uno”:


Y mis variables “Cantidad” y “Contiene” las tengo definidas de la siguiente manera:


Este es mi proceso:


Y en la task “Ingreso Correspondencia”, en “steps”, tengo agregado mi trigger “uno” creado anteriormente:


Esta bien esto? Algo me falta, porque no me almacena las variables en la BD.

Muchas gracias.
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