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Hello All,

I am using a dynaform with a Multiple File Uploader control in the "parent" Display Mode.
I would like to allow the users to add new files but prevent them from deleting files added in the previous steps.
Is it possible to disable a Delete button (an icon with a recycle bin) related to this control?
Please help.

To achieve the requirement, you can do the following:
1. Create a Dynaform for the first step which has the Multiple File Upload web control and let it work as it does.
2. Create another Dynaform which will include the Multiple File Uploader(same ID as the first Dynaforms's MFU) from the first Dynaform.
3. Include the following javascript in the second Dynaform:
Code: Select all
This will remove the delete button in the second Dynaform for the files that have uploaded in the first step but retain the delete button for the files that will be uploaded in the current step.
You can refer the attached image for the output.
MFU-delete.png (18.41 KiB) Viewed 2330 times
Hope this helps

Best Regards

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