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By gregoakes

I'm building a process where I want to allocate a task to the manager of a Department. In this scenario, I want a previously entered variable (MediaType) to direct which department the task should get routed to. So for example where MediaType = Audio, the task should get routed to the Audio manager. Is there a way of either:

a) routing to a Department, where it would appear in the Manager's inbox, or
b) getting the manager of a specific Department and routing to them.

The idea is that I would like to route cases to the manager of a Department so that they can reassign them to members of their Department - the opposite of the "Reports To" assignment.

I could just route it a specific user (the manager), but if I'm going to the trouble of setting Departments then it would be useful to be able to route to them.

thanks in advance
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By amosbatto
Let's say you have a process with Task1 and Task2, where Task2 uses Value Based Assignment and its variable is @@task2UserId.

In Task1, create the following trigger which is set to fire before assignment:
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if (!isset(@@MediaType)) {
   throw new Exception("MediaType is not defined");
elseif (@@MediaType == 'Audio') {
   $deptId = PMFGetUidFromText('Audio Production', 'DEPO_TITLE')[0];
elseif  (@@MediaType == 'Video') {
   $deptId = PMFGetUidFromText('Video Editing', 'DEPO_TITLE')[0];
else {
      throw new Exception("Unknown MediaType");
require_once 'classes/model/Department.php';
$d = new Department();
$aInfo = $d->Load($deptId);
@@task2UserId = $aInfo["DEP_MANAGER"];
Make sure that all the department managers are assigned to Task 2, or the above code will not work.
See: ... Load.28.29 ... idFromText ... Assignment

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