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By jayandrewryan
If I turn Notifications on or off in the Notifications tab of a Task, where is that stored? Does it put it in a flat file? Is it in the database? If so, which table? I'm having a tough time figuring out where that might be.

I see that it is in the .pm file, is it also stored in the database somewhere?

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By amosbatto
If the wf_workspace.TASK.TAS_SEND_LAST_EMAIL field is set to 'TRUE' in the database, then a notification will be set to the next assigned user(s) in the case.
You can also get this information by using the Task::Load() method in a trigger:
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$t = new Task();
$aTask = $t->Load(@@TASK);
if ($aTask['TAS_SEND_LAST_EMAIL'] == 'TRUE') {
   //do something

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