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Hello, my question is: can I put a link in a dynaform that opens the process map? Is it that I have users who are using the simplified interface that does not have access to the information menu, and thought of putting a link in dynaform to access the process map ...
It's possible?
You can use this link:

For example: ... 1018221432

The easiest way to show the process map is to create a panel in your DynaForm with the ID "processMapPanel" which has the following in its content property:
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Then, add a checkbox with the ID "showMap".
Then, add the following JavaScript to your DynaForm:
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$("#showMap").setOnchange( function(newVal, oldVal) {
  if (newVal == '"1"') 
$("#processMapPanel").hide(); //when form loads 
Then, create the following trigger which is fired before the Dynaform:
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@@processMap = '<iframe width="100%" height="500px"
  src="../designer?prj_uid='[email protected]@PROCESS.
  '&prj_readonly=true&app_uid='[email protected]@APPLICATION.'" >';
Here is a sample process with this code:
(25.93 KiB) Downloaded 132 times
Very cool. One last: Is it possible to send a link to access the process map for someone who is not a user (a client for example) without having to log in to ProcessMaker and do not even have to log in to Tracker? A link or send the process map in the body of the email ... the idea is to send an email so that the customer can follow your request in a more agile way.

Thank you.
You can include the link in an email, but the user will have to login and have access to the case (assigned to case, Case Permissions or Process Supervisor) in order to be able to see it. The process map is generated dynamically with HTML and JavaScript, so it can't be sent as an image in an email.

I recommend using the Case Tracker. You can send the case number and the PIN number in an email and the person who receives the email doesn't have to be a registered user in PM or have access to the case.

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