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By marcosfpa
Hi, I have a problem with PM Table. I created a process that captures some data and inserts it into a GRID. I created the TRIGGER below to get the GRID data and insert it into a PM Table. But it only inserts a few lines and not all the data. The GRID has 232 records and in the PM Table only 84. What's wrong with my TRIGGER?

$gridprocesso = @=listaJuridico;

foreach ($gridprocesso as $row) {
$numCaso = $row['numCaso'];
$cod = $row['codCliente'];
$cliente = $row['cliente'];
$adv = $row['advogado'];
$total = $row['total'];
$status = $row['status'];

$insert = "INSERT INTO PMT_RELATORIOCOBRANCAS (NUMCASO, CODCLIENTE, CLIENTE, ADVOGADO, STATUS, TOTAL) VALUES ('$numCaso', '$cod', '$cliente', '$adv', '$status', '$total')";
$result = executeQuery($insert);
By zainab
Hello marcosfpa,

Kindly edit your php.ini file and increase the value of max_input_vars. Restart your Apache server, and check if it works correctly.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Zainab Sabunwala

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