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i have a problem that all the mails sent by any trigger with multi recipients, stay in pending status and not sent to the users, however the mails with single recipient is sending successfully,
here is one of the triggers:-
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$caseId = @@APPLICATION; //UID for current case
if (is_array($users) and count($users) > 0) {
   $emailTo;    //empty string to hold the emails of the participants in case
   foreach ($users as $user) {
      $aUser = userInfo($user['USR_UID']);
      $emailTo .= (empty($emailTo) ? "" : ";" ) . $aUser['mail'];
   PMFSendMessage(@@APPLICATION, '[email protected]', $emailTo,'' , '', 
      "Business plan rejected", 'rejected.html');
the mails in the mail log is in the pending status as below:
Untitledn.png (98.65 KiB) Viewed 1652 times
and as you see in the (TO) field there is no space between mail addresses (may be this is the problem so how to solve it if it is)
- i tried to run the cron file with the code
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"C:\Bitnami\processmaker-\php\php.exe" -f "C:\Bitnami\processmaker-\apps\processmaker\htdocs\workflow\engine\bin\cron.php"
put it telling me that the software is not compatible with the ( windows 8 ) however i can successfully run another php file to calculate the overdue cases with the same code
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"C:\Bitnami\processmaker-\php\php.exe" -f "C:\Bitnami\processmaker-\apps\processmaker\htdocs\workflow\engine\bin\overduecases.php"
please let me know where is the problem
Dear Amos, thank you very much for the solution. This is the exact solution to pending emails when send to more than one recipient.
In fact this mistake is done for most of the examples in Notification sections of the wiki. So it is better to review the sample codes in the wiki and change below lines:
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$emailTo .= (empty($emailTo) ? "" : ";" ) . $aUser['mail'];
with this one:
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$emailTo .= (empty($emailTo) ? "" : "," ) . $aUser['mail'];
as you mention.

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