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Is the folder "shared\sites\workflow\usersPhotographies" accessible from external URL? If yes what is the full URL?

I have a custom portal, login with ProcessMaker OAuth API and manage to get the user ID through the "/api/1.0/{workspace}/users" API. I know the profile pic use the same USR_ID with .gif extension. But from the custom portal, what is the full URL to the image?

I tried: ... 780978.gif

The files we access through the external URL of ProcessMaker are those placed in the folder /opt/processmaker/workflow/public_html (i.e. the Directory Root).
So, you cannot directly access the files stored in the folder /opt/processmaker/shared/.
To access these files you can create a symbolic link of the folder in /opt/processmaker/workflow/public_html.
To create a symbolic link you can use the following command:
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# ln -s /opt/processmaker/shared/sites/workflow/usersPhotographies/ /opt/processmaker/workflow/public_html/
This will create a symbolic link of the usersPhotographies folder in public_html. And now you can access the files inside this folder using the following URL: ... 780978.gif

Hope this helps

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