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By pawansaxena
Hello all,
Hope you are safe and doing well.

I am trying to solve a problem where i need some reporting and for that i need to fetch all the case variables and their values sorted by tasks involved.
For example let's say i have a :
Process P1
For that process P1 i have 1000 cases in database.
That process have 3 Tasks T1, T2 and T3.

I need to get the case variables data for specific tasks ( T1, T2 and T3 ) separately.

It would be good if there's some sort of mysql query that i can run on database and use case_id and task_id to fetch the variables ( dynaform data ) and data associated with them.

I know there's APP_HISTORY table and APPLICATION tables but in the APPLICATION table there's one row for each case and the data gets updated once the case moves to next task in it's flow so i cannot identify which task had which variables associated with them and what was the data.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

thank you
You can create report table from your process and then get report from your fields and cases data:
Thanks for the answer @programerboy, but thing is i don't want to create the extra overhead by creating reports tables.
I want to get a sql query which i can run on database and get task specific data grouped over cases.
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By benkloti
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