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Hello Experts,
Is it possible that users can upload the files (pdf, img,...) to a special path of server? At the moment, when the users upload the files, the mentioned files are stored in the following path: processmaker\shared\sites\workflow\files\905\262\500\57158b1b439014072150115\74863719957158b39af56d2076904431_1.png
Can the users determine different paths of server? For example, in their server, they have special folders for their projects and want to have the attachment files there (it is not fixed path) and I can not use a link property. The users want to define the links (not administrator) or they upload files in another paths which are not fixed.
. Is it possible and if it is, how?
Another question is that, if they upload lots of files on PM at various cases, Community Edition will face some problems like the reduction of process speed, hesitation and hanging or these sorts of things?
What is your advice?
Looking forward to your valuable points and comments.
Kind Regards
You can change the location of the shared directory: ... _directory
(It is a good idea to clear the cache after doing that.)

Home > Documents provides for the ability to place files in virtual subdirectories, so files are easier for users to find.

ProcessMaker doesn't provide for more configuration than that. You could create a plugin which looks up the files which the user has uploaded in the APP_DOCUMENT table and displays links to those files for the user. The documentation on Files, Input Documents and Output Documents provides more info.
These examples also might help you: ... a_PM_Table ... l_web_page
The Community Edition slows down when tables like APP_CACHE_VIEW (which holds case and task data) gets too big. The Enterprise Edition has been optimized to have better database performance when the number of cases grows large.

The number of files which have been uploaded shouldn't effect the performance very much, although it might take a little longer to search in a large APP_DOCUMENT table for files from a case.

Some people who use the Community Edition and have over 100,000 cases are changing the workspace every year to use a new database and others are deleting old cases from the database to speed it up . This shouldn't be necessary if you are using the Enterprise Edition.

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