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Hello everyone

I need a process supervisor to review past/closed cases, but i can see only open ones.

I searched forum and couldn't find this answer, apart from 8 yr old posts that may be outdated now.

I'm using PM 3.3.0-community

Assign your user to the PROCESSMAKER_MANAGER role (or another role which has the PM_SUPERVISOR permission). Then make your user a Supervisor in each process and assign the Dynaforms and Input Documents that the user should be able to open and edit in the "Supervisors" dialog box. (You need to scroll down in the dialog box to assign the DynaForms and Input Documents.) Then, go to Home > Review to open the cases. When a case is opened, it will be display the first DynaForm or Input Document. To see others, go to Information > DynaForms or Information > Uploaded Documents in the menu.

If you only need read-only access to the cases and have the PM_ALLCASES permission in the user's role, then give the user Process Permissions to see the cases. Go to Home > Advanced Search to see the cases. To see all the cases in the workspace, don't enter any search terms and click on the Search button.
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