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Hello guys, I'm new in ProcessMaker and I have some questions about Screen Derivation:

-> I want to skip or auto submit that screen <-

I read the documentation and comments in this forum for do that and I actually have two ways to do it:

1st: Using this lines in a Trigger

G::header("Location: casesListExtJsRedirector");

2nd: Using a template with this lines in <script> tag

var x = document.getElementsByName("form[TASKS][1][USR_UID]");
if(x.length == 0 || (x.length > 0 && x["0"].tagName !== "SELECT")) {

The problem here is that both ways don't work in ProcessMaker Mobile, First way doesn't work because function "PMFDerivateCase" is not supported in Mobile version. And the Second way doesn't work because in Mobile Version ProcessMaker use a different function, Screen Derivation or something else...

So, my questions are:

- ProcessMaker don't run that template in Mobile version because is a different environment, right?
- Exists a third way to skip or auto continue the Screen Derivation but in Mobile Version?
- Exists an equivalent to "PMFDerivateCase" in Mobile version?

Thanks for reading...

Carlos, There is no way to skip the Case Routing screen with the Continue button in the mobile app. PMFDerivateCase() and browser redirection with header() doesn't work in the mobile app. Eventually the code of the mobile app will be rewritten in React Native, but that probably won't happen before version 4.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the source code of the mobile app, since it is proprietary, so I have no idea if there is any way to work around this problem.
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