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Hi everyone, would really appreciate it if you can help me solve my problem.
I have 2 processes, one as the main process and the other one as a sub-process. I've made this kind of process that submit case from the main process to the sub-process and it works well, but when I created another main and sub-process I found this issue..the case status in the main process is 'to-do' but then it changed to 'draft' when it's submitted to the sub-process, along with error message like this..
Unable to execute INSERT statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: The user specified as a definer ('wf_workflow'@'localhost') does not exist] [User Info: INSERT INTO SUB_APPLICATION (`APP_UID`,`APP_PARENT`,`DEL_INDEX_PARENT`,`DEL_THREAD_PARENT`,`SA_STATUS`,`SA_VALUES_OUT`,`SA_INIT_DATE`) VALUES
We are using PM 3.1.3 community edition. Thank you.
Hi Zora99,

Without having the design it is very difficult to know what the problem is but I can let you check these points in your design.

1. Non-closing parallel gateways
2. Mixed, Converging, and diverging gateways
3. Gateway to gateway with parallel type combination.
4. Non-closing flows before adding a new diverging parallel gateway.

I hope this can help you with your problem
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