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By enttsh
when i create the new report table and work with the form, I can see all the forms data
but when i edit the report (add one field) there is no data in the table!!!
how can i update the table to see all previous data?
By marceloayllon

The easiest solution is to go to ADMIN, then to SETTINGS and PM TABLES, then select the Report table and click on DATA, once inside there is an option called Regenerate Data Report, click on it and it should generate your table in a few minutes depending on the amount of data you have.

can you let us know if the solution worked for you?
By marceloayllon
Hi enttsh,

I would not know without more information, if it does not work in 3.4.11 the regeneration of tables, you could look at the webtools and see what happens or the logs may also give a hint of what happens.
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