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Hello all,

I am currently looking at Processmaker CE. I would like to find out if this is the right tool. For this I have successfully installed version 3.5.7 with the available installation guide on CentOS 7. Thanks already for the good documentation!

I am trying to answer my questions right now. However, I am new in the Processmaker world and would therefore be very happy if I may ask one or the other question.

I'll describe briefly and roughly what I'm looking for:

I want to create a workflow around a video. This is viewed by several people of different groups - it will be commented, shared, forwarded... The video itself wont be edited, it should not be stored in Procecssmaker / the database. But there must be a link between the video and the specific workflow. For example, the video could be opened directly from the workflow from a network store. One could also perhaps display it in a form with an integrated player.

Here I am just wondering if this is possible? I can't currently find a function that would allow me to do this.

A process should be created automatically when a video arrives, for example in a directory. Then jobs should be initiated automatically. This should work?

Can I in some way group or link workflows? E.g.: Multiple videos initiated workflows but the video is the same. So the processes should be linked to avoid double work.

In addition, for example, tags can be assigned or text can be entered. Afterwards this information of all videos should be searchable by users to filter, sort or group them. E.g. in another workflow.

The question: is it possible to create a workflow that accesses data in the database that users have entered in another workflow? This should not be a problem, if my overview is not wrong. How can I evaluate and process data input from workflows? Surely I can query directly the database. Is such a way of evaluating existing workflows possible within Processmaker?

Thank you very much for the support!
For my video files question I discovered, that I could implement an external script (or even a Processmaker workflow with own implementation - a commercial plugin like FTP Monitor is currently out of the question), which will do the file management (find new video, move it somewhere, read metadata...) and then trigger a case in Processmaker with the passed parameters required by the workflow.
I am currently working through the PM manuals and documentation. I think that I could answer many questions so far. However, with one I am currently still in the dark.

It should be possible to work with the data entered by the individual processes. That means concretely: A kind of analysis / evaluation should take place, in which in the entered data can be investigated and searched. For example: show me all processes with a certain tag.

So far, I have only stumbled across the topic Report Tables that may find use for this.

I would appreciate if someone could send me in the right direction if such functionality is available in PM.

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you so much for you help kirkwg!