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By justinopsky
Is there a way to create a process that lists all existing processes and allows you to export the selected workflow of that process as a image.
The only solution i found was in Firefox if i use F12 and i can select the div of image and then export that div as image
By justinopsky
I solved the problem by creating a new process where it lists all existing processes and where it allows obtaining the image of the workflow.

For this I used this trigger that is used before Dynaform
Code: Select all
$result = executeQuery("SELECT * FROM PROCESS"); 
if (is_array($result) && count($result) > 0)
    foreach ($result as $row){
        $PRO_UID = $row['PRO_UID'];
		@@DUMP2 = $PRO_UID;
		$row['PRO_ID'] = "http://{yourhost]/sysworkflow/{language}/neoclassic/designer?prj_uid=".$PRO_UID."&prj_readonly=true";
		@@link =$row['PRO_ID'];
		@#gridProcessos[] = $row;
And in Dynaform I created a grid with the text fields PRO_UID and PRO_TITLE and a LINK field with the name PRO_ID and in the href I put the variable @@ link
image_workflow_01.PNG (21.72 KiB) Viewed 604 times
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