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If I create a report table in an existing process which already have numerous cases at various stages within the process flow, will the report table fetch data from all cases, or will it only get data from new cases.
If cases are in completed status will data from them appear in the new report table once created.
Any comments from others who would have observed this will be useful.
One more query on this. In an existing report table, if I add new field the values for that filed are not getting updated even if I click on "Regenerate Report Data" in the table. Actually when we created the report table we missed adding this field which was needed in the reports, so thought it would be easy to add the field to the report table.
If some of the cases are already in completed status, how to get the additional field get populated. Even if I delete the report table and create a new one with the same name and add that field - it will not get populated while all other fields that were there initially in that table will have the data. Only if I create a new table with a different name I am able to fetch the data in that field. I had tried this with three different processes and the behavior is the same.
Observed behavior - if we miss adding a field while creating the report table, adding them at a later stage will not fetch data in that field if the case status is completed. Only if there is a dynaform submission happening in that case the field data will be refreshed.
Using PM ver 3.5.7.Though I can create a new table, since the reference to it in all code that uses the table needs to be changed was looking at adding the field as trying to regenerate the report table.
Dear Survia,
This can only happen if you add the field to the process/dynaform later. Lets assume that you have only one field in your process and you completed one case. Then the system stores only one field in APPLICATION table.
Than lets add a second field to the dynaform, and generete case2.
The second field is only added to APPLICATION table after this moment. So you cannot have a value for it for case 1!
A simple test will give you better understanding.
Thanks for your feedback. In our situation all the fields were already part of the dynaform from the start. They were part of the process definition and used in the several dynaforms already.
We added only a subset of fields to the report table initially and later based on use case found few more fields are needed in the report table. All fields added when a report table is created will fetch data even from completed tasks too. After creation of the report table if we add other existing fields to it, they do not fetch data from completed tasks. Even from To Do tasks these fields update only if there is an dynaform submission that have the field. Regenerate data option does not update these. Not sure if this is a bug in ver 3.5.7.

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