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I have Processmaker 3.5.2 Community installed in Microsoft Azure (using the 'ProcessMaker Community Certified by Bitnami' app in Azure Marketplace). Somehow I can't seem to run *any* process beyond the first task. After the first task is finished the process status becomes "Draft" and doesn't go to any user's inbox. I've tried to run the process in three different installations of Processmaker in Azure to check if it's only a server problem but the problem still persists.
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No, there's nothing wrong in the browser network and console after I inspected it.

Though, I just want to add that in every installation, I modified the sql_mode variable (deleted the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY) in the MySql variables to fix error when opening 'Participated' cases list. Besides that I don't modify anything.

Attached is the process map.
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