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By pamiller3
I am trying to find a way to add the Current Date to the Case Label, but not getting any luck.
I have a trigger firing before the only dynaform in the task that should be getting the date, shown here:
@@currentDate = getCurrentDate();

Then in the case label I have:
@@current_date Daily Checks

And all I get for a label is:
"" Daily Checks

What am I doing wrong?
By Ironguts25
For starters it looks like you're referencing an empty variable in your case label. The variable @@current_date is not the same as @@currentDate.
Your variable reference in the case label should look like this: @=currentDate Daily Checks.

Note, the change to the variable prefix @= is required otherwise the date will be converted to a string and will include quotation marks around the date in your label.

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