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By as13969
Hi PM Team,

Could you please assist on how to add the 'rp' report database connection in PM 3.4? In our previous PM 2.5 environment whenever I create a report table the dropdown DB connection has "REPORT" item on it. On our fresh installed PM 3.4, I do only see "WORKFLOW".

Please let me know what files I need to configure in order to have an additional connection in [DB Connection] ?

PM 2.5
DBConnection_2.5.png (138.25 KiB) Viewed 1857 times
PM 3.4
DBConnection_3.4.png (102.97 KiB) Viewed 1857 times
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By RicardoMG

If you want to create a report in a different database you have to create a connection to a database in the process, for this I leave you this link: where it will help you to create step by step the connection to the database.

Best regards, Ricardo.

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