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By jhackett
Hello -

I'm new to processmaker. I have created a dropdown box with value 1 and 2 in Dynaform A and would like to save the selected value (let say 2 was selected) from the dropdown so that I can use it in the next dynaform B. How do I save the selected value? Thank you
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By erpnedir
jhacket, all component values are saved automatically to case variables when you submit (dont forget to add a submit button to the form).
You can use the same variable at another form. Just dont create a new variable at second form, use select option.
Have a look at the wiki:
By jhackett
Thank you for your reply. I need to save the value of the selected dropdown. For example, in Dynaform A, I created a dropdown variable with value 1 - LOE, 2 - CE. When LOE is selected it calls another dynaform LOE which also has a dropdown variable with values 1 - family, 2 - financial, etc.. if CE is selected it calls another dynaform CE which also has a dropdown variable with values 1- studyabroad, 2 - internship, etc... Student selects CE with the reason internship and submit the request, it then routes to an Advisor for approval. I need to save the value CE and internship so that the advisor can see the type and the reason of the request. Hope this make sense.
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By erpnedir
Dear jhacket,
I see that you are new to PM. Pls start with
For switching to different forms based on selection on dropdown, you have to write a condition to the dynaform properties after you add all 3 to the task. See the picture attached.
For how to write condition see this:
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