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By Aradolfati
I installed the processmaker software
I have a question
For example, when I create a process and specify in the task the users who have access to that task
But for example when I go back to that task again in the process because more users are allowed to access that task, unfortunately it accidentally returns users and returns one user each time.
How do I specify the user I want to return the form to?

thank you for you answer
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By RicardoMG
The solution to your question is the following:
So that it returns to a user that you want to choose, you can use the "Manual Assigmemt" method in Assigment Rules, this will help you select the specific user who will do the task.
Find more information in this section of the ProcessMaker Wiki:

In the case if you want to return to the same user you could use the "Value Based Assignment" method in Assigment Rules, find more information in this section of the ProcessMaker Wiki:
By Aradolfati
But i can Read English well can you exactly tell me what should i do???
Step by step please
For example
Java script code and etc..
Thank you very much
By Aradolfati
thanks but for this i have to record the user who started a task
can you tell me how can i record a user??
please answer here not by link.
thnaks a lot :?:
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By RicardoMG

Well answering your question to register a user in processmaker follow the following steps in the documentation of processmaker:
Postscript: I share you the processmaker wiki link because it has all the documentation of the tool.

Best Regards, Ricardo.
By Aradolfati
thanks for your support
i have one more question
how can i search anything relating to my customer name in processmaker??
for example my customer name is David
how can i search David's works??
thank you very much
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By RicardoMG

Regarding your question, you must want to look for all the cases of a specific process, right? You can check this link of ProcessMaker's documentation where you can carry out a personalized case search:

Best regards, Ricardo.
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By erpnedir
Hi Aradolfati,
Put the variable of the field which holds customer name in case title. Than you can filter by customer name on Advanced Search menu.
By Aradolfati
hi everyone
as you can see in this photo
i have just number in case column
and i cant to know the form about who
for example i used this form for my client and i cant search the form by customer name
please help me
how can i search using client names??
Screenshot (30).png
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By erpnedir
Dear Aradolfati,
Pls see my second training video from minute 10:00 to 13:00.
You will find the answer to your question. The video is in Turkish, but you will get the idea. You will use your variable for customer name.
By Ironguts25
From what I understand, you want to incorporate the name of the user who initiated the first task into the task title so that you can search by that name in the task title? If so, you can try this solution:

Create a trigger named GetUserInfo, and input the following PHP code to retrieve info about the user_logged:

$aUser = PMFInformationUser(@@USER_LOGGED);

@@UserFullName = $aUser['firstname'] . ' ' . $aUser['lastname'];
@@UserEmail = $aUser['mail'];
@@UserPhone = $aUser['phone'];
@@UserCivicAddress = $aUser['address'] . ', ' . $aUser['location'] . ', ' . $aUser['state'] . ', ' . $aUser['country'];

Assign this trigger to your first task and set it to fire “Before Dynaform”

In the Properties of your first task, select the “Case Labels” tab and insert in the Title field:

Case initiated by: @#UserFullName

This will include the name of the initiator in the title of the task and you can search this name throughout the process

Hope this is helpful!
By Aradolfati
thank you very much for your support

and i have question

when i use radio tool in my dynaform when i choose one of options i cant delete my selection
how can i fix this problem??
thank you.
By Ironguts25
You mean you want to clear the all the options from the radio group?

Best way to do that I think is to create generic reset button and use javascript to clear the controls on your form. When the user clicks the reset button, it will execute the javascript code and clear the control.

Create a button with id name reset and the enter the following js code in the Dynaform:


This works for other controls as well, e.g. Date, Text etc. It will clear all of them on the form at the same time when the reset button is clicked. Does not work for dropdowns or file control etc. though. Need a bit more js code for those.

Hope this is helpful.
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