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Using Processmaker 3.4.8-community.

When using multipleFile control with an Input Document or using the Input Document as a step, users can't upload attached files. But when doing the same steps with the admin user, it works. I tried giving the admin role to one user but the result is the same.

Is this a bug or can something be done about this?
After debuging for 2 days I found the issue. The admin can't see the uploaded documents by other users when looking into the Documents panel or when looking at the case summary Uploaded Documents. Is there a way to allow the admin see the documents?

I've set the process permissions for ALL to the admin.
Dear aerojun,
A permission setting like you send the screenshot must be enough for it. Just to be sure, the permission Group (Ventas in your case) must include the user even if he has the sys admin role. Secondly, you must set this permission for all processes that you want the admin to see the uploaded documents.
And please check also this way:
- find the case at Advanced search menu.
- double click on it
- click the menu Information\Uploaded Documents on the top left

hope this helps.

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