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Problem with showing image in Output Document:

Having to show in the body of the document a JPG image where the URL is stored in a variable by a trigger (@ = urlImagem).
However does not generate the document in PDF, gives the error below:
err-output_doc.png (15.85 KiB) Viewed 1900 times
The strange thing is that .doc generates without errors. My PM is 3.3.10.
Just create a trigger that will set the value of @@url to "" , depending upon the value of a url in a Dynaform.
Note: Set this trigger to fire before the step that generates the output document.
I've done this. I define a url for an image file as http: \\\image.jpg and in the document I include an image with <img src [email protected]#url> to show the image in the body of the document. However, it gives the error exposed above when trying to generate the PDF. No error when generating .doc ...
Yes, I too got the same issue with pdf can you try following this documentation. This solved my issue.upload the image in public files and access.sure it will work

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