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By Wilford
I have one user that is unable to login to Processmaker 3.2.1 Community Edition. Authentication is setup to point to my AD environment for authentication. That seems to be working fine as it's allowing me to login without any issues.

It keeps telling him "Wrong Login Credentials" even though he is using his AD Username and password, and his account is not locked. I verified his account was not 'expired' in Processmaker.

Where can I look to find log information that might shed some light on why his login is failing ?

He of course is the primary user of the workflow system.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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By Amarilisis
Valida que el DN del usuario sea el correcto, si en el ldap se realizó alguna actualización en el directorio donde está ubicado el usuario el DN tiene que ser actualizado manualmente.
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By Wilford
Thank you for the response. I was able to Validate that the user's DN is correct, and LDAP has not changed for this user.

That is not the issue.

Any other suggestions ?

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