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By kleung

I need to allow users to input the dialects that they could speak. A user can speak several dialects and the dialects are unbounded.
I plan to use Dropdown Control in the Dynaform such that users can select the dialects which the system has been captured before.
As described in, Dropdown Control can conduct multi-select.
However in addition to multi-select which allows users to input multiple dialects which have been captured by the system before, I also need to allow users to input more than one new dialects in the same input process.
My problems are
1) How could Dropdown control add new options on the fly?
2) If adding new options on the fly is possible, how could it be integrated with the multi-select operation?

I'm using PM 3.2.1 community version on Linux.

Grateful if I can be advised with a solution to the problems.
Thousand Thanks,


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