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Dear All,

We have a fresh install of PM community 3.4.7. I tried to import one of the process created in PM 2.5 community and below is the error messages displayed. Attached is the process I'm trying to import.

ErrorMessage.JPG (72.84 KiB) Viewed 7524 times
Could you please advise what steps to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks, in advance.

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Hi dan123dan,

Thank you for the reply and providing the workaround for the import error.As instructed, I've modified the env.ini file and added the display_errors = Off but still displaying one error. In addition, dynaforms and trigger functions are not displaying only the process flow.

Please advise if anyone encounter this issue when importing a process from 2.5 (commnity version) to a fresh install of PM 3.4.7 (community version)
PM 3.4.7_ImportError1.JPG
PM 3.4.7_ImportError1.JPG (28.67 KiB) Viewed 7490 times
Unable to execute INSERT statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Column 'DYN_VERSION' cannot be null] [User Info: INSERT INTO DYNAFORM (`DYN_ID`,`DYN_UID`,`DYN_TITLE`,`DYN_DESCRIPTION`,`PRO_UID`,`DYN_TYPE`,`DYN_FILENAME`,`DYN_CONTENT`,`DYN_LABEL`,`DYN_VERSION`,`DYN_UPDATE_DATE`) VALUES (NULL,'221313476561d152d5abaf9082040370','gridCatering','','42907714855fab8584099550139

Thanks , in advance.


In the structure of table DYNAFORM change the DYN_VERSION column and check the null option and save table changes.
Then try again.

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