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By tamersherif
I am using Value Based Assignment to users using the example below and it works fine but is there a way to assign to group uid instead of user uid?, I tried but i got error:
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if (isset(@#amount) and @#amount >= 500.00) {
  @@NextUser = '089f76dfe59c13408500f0f852435ac7'; //UID of Ralph Baker
else {
   @@NextUser = '4b50c5a36630d3906475c945ed999051'; //UID of Amos Batto
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By programerboy
You can use this code:
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@=NEXT_USER = [];
$your_group_id = '';
$query = '
	select USR_UID
	where GRP_UID = "'.$your_group_id.'"
$result = executeQuery($query, $db);

	foreach ($result as $row)
		array_push( @=NEXT_USER, $row['USR_UID'] );
} ... 1iw/videos

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