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I have information created in cases (same process) that I would like to display in in a grid. We generate time slips in PM for billing our clients and we would like to have them display in a grid so they can be processed into our accounting system manually. Each timeslip is done via a Dynaform as a new case. I was looking for a way to display it for our office staff that would make the process more efficient and thought if I could have it on a grid it would work.

Something like:

Case ID Customer Time Spent Technician Processed (Check Box)

When the "Processed" checkbox is checked and submitted the case would move to the next step. The Dynaform has all the variables listed above but alas I am still learning how to code this kind of scenarios. If this has already been asked and you know where the topic is just let ma know.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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