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By PipSqueak
Hi Amos,

I appreciate you setting up a tips and tricks website for us and I've been using it often. The website was down since last Friday when I tried.

Getting this on my chrome:
This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.
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By amosbatto
Hi everyone,
I quit working for ProcessMaker Inc on Sept 28, so I'm no longer able to alert the DevOps guys when goes down. On Monday or Tuesday, I have to go to the ProcessMaker offices to pick up my last check, so I will talk to the guys who are in charge of the servers and find out what is the problem with At this point, nobody seems to be in charge of the forum and, so I'll ask who should be contacted when there is a problem like this.

If the company isn't willing to maintain, I will ask them to transfer it to me and I'll host it on my VPS.


PS: I'm not checking the forum very often, so if you want to contact me, send me an email at amosbatto[at]yahoo[dot]com
I'm now free to do independent consulting.

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