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Is it possible to get the process id and task id of the each case to report table? since I use the PMT_REPORT table to take the reports of every tasks and process I would like to collect the PRO_UID and TAS_UID
It's really a great idea. I have followed the second step in ( ... ort_Tables) this documentation. I have modified the source code.

My Problem:

1. I have created a new case then the TAS_UID updated in the report table automatically. But I have assigned to another user so the task id has to update right?
2. Since I have assigned to another user even though the task id is in the previous user TAS_UID. Now the current DEL_INDEX would be 2 but it still DEL_INDEX as 1.
I don't think that AdditionalTables::updateReportTables() is called when a case is reassigned or when it is routed. You can create a trigger which calls AdditionalTables::updateReportTables() and then execute that trigger.
The other option is to change the source code for Derivation::derivate() which is defined in workflow/engine/classes/Derivation.php in order to call AdditionalTables::updateReportTables().
amosbatto wrote: Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:21 am Add your code after lines 746 and 758, which look like this:
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                                                           Bootstrap::registerMonolog('CaseDerivation', 200, 'Case Derivation', $aContext, $this->sysSys, 'processmaker.log');
                                                           //add your code here
After this code, I have just called the functions without parsing any params like this


do I need to parse any params to it
Of course you need parameters. Look at the code I told you to add in cases.php:
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                    $appFields['PRO_UID'], $appUid, $Fields['APP_NUMBER'], $appData, $Fields['APP_STATUS'], $delIndex, $tasUid 
I have a ton of things to do right now, so you are going to have to figure it out on your own.

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