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By amosbatto
When does this error occur? What exactly did you do and where does it appear?

What version of PM? OS? Manual or Bitnami install?
By joen01
I'm seeing this too.

It's happening on most triggers, but I haven't determined which part of the code is related yet.

The error shows at the top of the Dynaform like this:
Untitled.png (54.82 KiB) Viewed 431 times
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By amosbatto
In your php.ini file, try adding:

Also, what is your environment?

(Example: PM 3.3.10 Community (manual install) in Debian 9.5 with PHP 5.6.17 and MySQL 5.7.17)
By joen01
Hi Amos

We are using a hosted version so I don't know the full environment spec, but it is version 3.3.17.

I believe our provider has contacted ProcessMaker about this, so hopefully they'll fix it.

Thanks for your help.
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