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By heemalkumar
Hi All
I am doing a process, where i have 3 tasks allocated to 3 departments. Once each department completes the case in those 3 tasks, then I want the case to come to my Team - condition is all 3 to complete case, then only it comes to my team.

I have set a variable equal to 0, and I have put a trigger to fire so that when each department completes their case, the variable count increases by 1. So how will i do this, that when my variable is equal to 3, that case comes to my team?

I hope i have explained it well?
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By amosbatto
Why don't you create a process like this one?
parallelTasksFor3Departments.png (23.11 KiB) Viewed 1835 times
That way you know that the three departments have completed their tasks before it gets to your team.
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