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By Flows1
Hi, I'm having some issues with the Android app. In short, variables are not carried over in the process. This happens only with the Android app.

How to reproduce:
Create a new process.
Add two tasks.
Create a Dynaform.
Drag a text field and create a new variable.
Create another Dynaform.
Drag a text field and select the variable created before.
Associate the 2 Dynaforms with the two tasks and assign them to a user.
Run the process using the Android app.
Fill the first text field, move on to the second task.
This text field is empty when using the Android app. Everything is fine via web or with the iOS app.


I'm using:
ProcessMaker 3.3.10-community
Android App 1.3.2
Android 8.0

I'd be grateful if somebody can confirm this... or help me resolve it. :)

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