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Hello eveyone,

I have 2 servers, one production server and one develop server that contains the ProcessMaker
In those servers, I have created the same process "Test".

The process looks like the following:

So in production server, I have created 4 cases in the process "Test". 2 cases are in Task 1 and the other 2 cases are in Task 2.

Now in develop server, I change completely the process like:

And finally, I want to export the process "Test" of the develop server and import it to the production server.

What will happen with the TO_DO cases if I import to the process Test of the production server ?


Best Regards,
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ProcessTestOLD.PNG (14.34 KiB) Viewed 262 times
When you import in the production server, nothing will happen to the existing cases if you chose the option to create a new process with new UIDs. This is the recommended option.

If you choose the option to overwrite the existing process when importing, then the cases in Task 1 can still run. They will go to Task 4 when routed to the next task. The cases in Task 2 will generate an error when you try to open them. You should complete these cases before importing the replacement process.

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