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With pm version using IE11 when the user opens a task from his inbox or participated list the result is shown in a new tab. Who knows the reason of this choice?
Thanks for your feedback.
Hi, I too am looking at this issue. This is not correct functionality, as cases don't open this way in chrome.

It causes side effects, for instance:
When you are presented with the Claim Case screen, the cancel button does nothing as it relies on history.back to return the expected iframe back to the list of cases. But there is no history as IE has opened a new tab.

If I figure out how to stop IE opening new windows, I'll let you know. Any suggestions on this would be appreciated, thanks.
To add to my last post check out the attached screen shots - one shows the case list like normal, the other shows strange dots in the case list tree. This is in IE 11 on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (shows same on both). The one without the strange dots works fine meaning it it opens the cases in the frame (same window/tab already opened). Any of the computers that have the dots in the case list all open in a new tab. Any ideas?
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