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By masman71
I am running Processmaker 3.0 on my windows 7 professional machine in order to understand the capabilities of processmaker and I have run into an issue.

I have been trying to send an email with an attachment using pmf send message trigger.

I have been able to send an email with and attachment using the following code:

@@Mail_sent = PMFSendMessage(@@APPLICATION, "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", "", @@AFE_Name, "AFE_Overview_Template.html", array(), array("AFEUpdate.pdf" => "C:\Users\example\Downloads\DEP_1101.pdf"), true, 0, "");

However I want to send an input document which has been created in a previous step.

I have used the code per the wiki as follows:

@@Mail_sent = PMFSendMessage(@@APPLICATION, "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "", "", @@AFE_Name, "AFE_Overview_Template.html", array(), array("AFEUpdate.pdf" => PATH_DOCUMENT . @@APPLICATION . PATH_SEP . "14575195355a667153dd634044227978_1.pdf"), true, 0, "");

The UID above matches the input document I want to send.

However the email attachment has not been successfully sent using this code.

After some trial and error I ran the following to determine if the path was pulling correctly:

@@DEbugger = PATH_DOCUMENT . @@APPLICATION . PATH_SEP . "14575195355a667153dd634044227978_1.pdf";

The result was as expected: Debugger now has a value of:

However when I plug that value into windows explorer I got an error. After further investigation the file path in windows is:

It appears that windows is parsing the first nine characters of the CASE_UID into seperate folders when it is creating the file structures.

Any thoughts?

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