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Hi All,

Trying to integrate ProcessMaker into SQL Server is exceedingly frustrating. I finally have the ability to populate grids from SQL tables and write them back again but when I try to use views instead everything stops working.

@@test_grid_rows = 1234;
$result =executeQuery("select shoot_date from IMPORT_PROD_DETAILS_T","41500854455788435d04564021257676");
@=test_grid = $result;
@@test_grid_rows = count($result);

If IMPORT_PROD_DETAILS_T is a table, the trigger works fine. If it's a view, it never even returns from the call to executeQuery.
I can trace SQL Server and the query comes across fine and the data gets returned.

Any ideas of why this happens?
How can I get any debugging info on what's happening with executeQuery?



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