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By cosyxu
Hi Amo,

I am using mutipleFiles Control to upload several files in the ABE Task(this is a link to fill a form), and I upload two files, in the next ABE Task(this is a link to fill a form) the uploaded files are gone.

Any ideas why this happens?

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Hi Amo,

I'm using PM3.2.2

It should be like this, please see the attachments. But when I refresh the ABE link, the attachments are gone for some reason.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi Amo,

It seems I have found the issue:

Attachment Process Permission
Available Version: As of ProcessMaker 3.2.2.

An Attachment process permission allows users to download files that were uploaded using a Multiple File Uploader control that was not related to an Input Document when the disable_download_documents_session_validation flag is enabled.

If the user does not have an Attachment process permission, he/she will be restricted from downloading the attached files and an error 403 message will be displayed.

Therefore the upload attachments in "link to fill a form" task won't be able to show.

Is there any way to solve this?

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amosbatto wrote: Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:59 pm Oh, I forgot about that. 3.2.2 and later has new file attachment and Input/Output Document permissions to allow users to download files:

See: ... ched_Files
Hi Amo,

My issue is the Dyanform in the "Link to fill a form" when the user opens the link, the uploaded attachments are missing(not showing in the dynaform if I didn't turn on "forced user login").

As sooner as user login, the attachment will show. But I don't want my user to login to see the upload documents.

Any ideas how to solve this?

I haven't tried this in PM 3.2.2 and later, but it should be possible to add this line to your /workflow/engine/config/env.ini file:
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disable_download_documents_session_validation = 1
Then, you didn't need to login to download files.
See: ... estriction

Thank you i will be testing that

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