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By marky2021
Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner here and don't know how to code, I would like to seek your assistance,
my Dynaform is not working, please see the video of my concern,

please click on the link :

here is the version of my Procemaker Community I downloaded it under bitnami:

Looking forward to your assistance,

Thank you
By marky2021
Hi ProgrammerBoy,

Thank you so much for your response,

Please see attached on the Process and the Dynaform that are keeps on loading are;

Validation Form
On Hold Form

and I would like to ask if I create another Dynaform what should I do to avoid loading forms?

Hoping for your assistance,



programerboy wrote: Sat Apr 17, 2021 9:59 am Hi,
Please attach here your process and tell me what dynaform have loading error.
(163.3 KiB) Downloaded 90 times
I downloaded your process and executed the form and it ran without any problems and did not remain in the loading mode!

Maybe the reason is the use of Google Captcha in the form, there is a special reason do you use this feature? Do you want to use web entry?
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