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Hii guys I am using hp printer and from last 5-6 days i am getting Hp Printer 79 Service Error and i am really fed i have searched on google about this error solution and I got to know about one blog which is quite impressive but I need a detail solution kindly help you can too visit them as they also provide services at a very affordable price.
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By crypvmer
There have few ways to solve these error -
Running the built-in printer troubleshooter (only for Windows 10 user)
Power Cycle the HP Printer Device
or Update Printer Firmware

Details of the method will found here-
If a printer shows a "79 Service Error" (a common error to HP printers) on the LCD display, do the following:
Locate the on/off switch on the bottom of the printer.
Toggle the switch to the off position and COUNT to 10.
Turn the printer on again and the system should be all set.

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