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Hi ...I new to process maker.but i had spend hours of time to understand the logic of this amazing application..i had installed process maker community edition 3.3.0..I also created my first process project for email ID provisioning...The scenario is users will raise request to create email ID by Dyna form and it select manual assignment of Approval group by selecting approval manager from the drop down list..Once the selected approval manager approved the request it will go to IT department for provisioning...Once provisioned by IT it will go to Approved information task which have Dyna form with approval comment and provisioned comment and end the process (This need to be visible to the requester who raise the request for email ID)...If rejected by approval manager it will go to rejected information task which have a Dyna form with the information of rejection .The information has to go back to the user who submit the request...

On initial request task i had given privilege to all user group (Which have all users) ....On Approval form i had given permission to approval user group which have selected managerial users....The issue is once rejected its going to random users from the All user group..not to the user who submit the request....By referring several details in forum i had add trigger by creating previous user...but the its not going to the actual user...its going to the user who approved /reject the request...Kindly guide as i m completely stuck ..I m attaching the project file and diagram for the reference....If any one can help would be much appreciated....Also any option to provide the requester who submit the request a visibility of the status of the request he submitted..?
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At first sight, your process logic looks a bit off in my view. This looks like a multi-step approval process. If so, then why aren't you rejecting the initial request back to the Request submission task? Then the second approver rejects it back to the Provisioning task.

The Processmaker wiki has good info on routing tasks etc. Here's one example that may be helpful

You can use the Case Tracker function for a users visibility into the task. This is great for external users. You can create a trigger upon submission of the form that sends an email with a url link and to the requester's case and they can track the progress from there.

Hope this info is helpful.
Hi Ironguts25...Thanks for the are right..i didn't had much idea on the processmaker how it works..i spend a lot on the documentation and tried to understand the concepts...based on that i had redefined the flow as per below diagram...Now when the requester submits it will go to the approver and then will return back to requester once approved or reject .i had created a trigger @@case_owner = @@USER_LOGGED; in initial task to capture the requester and return to them at the end of the process...but now i m facing an issue...the case status will remain as TO DO even tough the task completed and send back to the requester...i believe its bcs there is no end task on this process...How i can make the process completed ....if i add end task , my intention to return to the requester with approval or reject information may not work? Pls help
Screenshots of the proces completed
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modified workflow
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Hello, your process must have a start and an end. It will never end the way you have currently modeled it. Try this out:

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So if I understand your model correctly, the user will submit to manger for approval, if rejected it goes back to the user to be corrected and/or resubmitted. If approved, it goes on to Provisioning. Provisioning adds their stuff and sends it off for Provisioning approval. If rejected, it goes back to Provisioning for correction and/or re-submission. If approved the updated information is sent to the user though a separate task. i.e. User gets notified to retrieve info (upon provisioning approval) and he/she goes into the final task to retrieve and accept the information or its email or some other action occurs. Then the process ends.

I tried to attached copy of the diagram so you can import into PM but this board won't except BPMN file extensions. I can rename the file if you want and you can change it back to BPMN. Let me know.

I hope this info is helpful.
Hi Ironguts25 ..Thank you so much for spending time explaining...Have few clarifications

1.If the task been end as in your diagram how the requester can see the status of the request once completed..Can they look in to participated menu to understand the request they submitted..?

2. Provisioning team is the team who provisioning email ID in this case..There is no second provisioning approval stage..Once they provide email ID they mark provisioned and submit ..If not it will rejected and return to the requester. Not to the processing task.

It would be helpful if you can upload the project file which I can upload to processmaker community version.

One last question if i modified the process as per your recommendations on the server which already has some requests is it going to affect them ..? Of will they get aligned as per new process flow..?
Hello ragesh, no worries glad I can help.

1.Iif the task is ended they can only see summary info not the Dynaform data. However, the last task remains open until the requester hits the next task link, or you create some other trigger to move it to the next step. So until this happens, the requester will be able to access the Dynaform data and the process will remain in TODO. There are other things you can do in the last step as well like create an output document or send a notification to the requester with the approved information. PM is very flexible in that regard.

2. I updated your process to remove the second provisioning task and tweaked it a bit as well. I noticed you needed to define a trigger for the @@FirstUser and assign it to the variable for Value Based Assignment in the first task otherwise the task will not return to the original requester. I did this also for the final task so it goes back to the original requester there as well. You will have to figure out Assignment Rules for the Request Approval task. I recommend "Reports To" methodology. It doesn't make sense for the requester to have to manually select who its assigned to for the next task.

For the Provisioning task it can be manual but you'll need to be mindful of the users and/or groups you assign to this task for it to be effective.

I've attached the updated process.

Also, make sure "requesters" are included in the assigned user list (either individually or as part of a user group) for the Request Submission and the Approval Information tasks otherwise an error will result.

And don't forget the data validation for the input tasks.

3. Yes, your current process could be affected if you import the updated process. You may wish to consider using a test environment then migrate over to production when fully tested.

Hope I this is helpful and I haven't said too much :)

Let me know if you have any further questions.
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Hi Ironguts25...Appreciate your patients and efforts to explain the flow...the information was very helpful to get into the more depath of this amazing solution...moreover the perople like you in this community is the great asset for the beginners lik me.keep up.

I had tried your options and its works greate...I had opted the option ,the requester has to click next and end task...its works awesome.

Once again my gratitude to your healping hand. :D

take care and stay safe.


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