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By boshaq
I installed process maker from bitnami packe=age.

all of installation steps was ok.
i assigned only password.

when i want to login pm show this message and pm didn't logged in. i have no access to mysql also.

WARNING: Wrong login credentials
Please enter your credentials below
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By RicardoMG
I installed bitnami-processmaker- and I got the same problem; but I solved it as follows:
First open the phpmyadmin in my case is the following link:
you have to put the credentials that you have inserted in the installation
user: in my case the username is "user"
password: in my case the password is "sample"
and select the following database:
and execute the following commands:
UPDATE RBAC_USERS SET USR_DUE_DATE = '2030-01-12' WHERE USR_UID = '00000000000000000000000000000001';
UPDATE USERS SET USR_DUE_DATE = '2030-01-12' WHERE USR_UID = '00000000000000000000000000000001';
After that you can access the system

This problem was fixed in the next version of processmaker 3.4.x.

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