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I am getting error below when I try to log in ProcessMaker

[wrapped: no such database [Native Error: Unknown database 'wf_workflow'] [User Info: wf_workflow]]
At Propel::getConnection()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.g.php line 1623
At G->sqlEscape()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.g.php line 1689
At G->replaceDataField()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.xmlform.php line 4427
At XmlForm_Field_JavaScript->render()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.xmlformTemplate.php line 248
At xmlformTemplate->getFields()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.xmlformTemplate.php line 332
At xmlformTemplate->printObject()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.form.php line 240
At Form->render()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.publisher.php line 276
At Publisher->RenderContent0()
in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.publisher.php line 84
At Publisher->AddContent()
in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/methods/login/login.php line 367
At require_once() in /opt/processmaker/workflow/public_html/sysGeneric.php line 1006
At include() in /opt/processmaker/workflow/public_html/app.php line 61[/img][/img]

Any help shall be highly appreciated.

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