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Greetings everyone

I've just installed Processmaker 3.2.1 on Centos 7. I'm starting to configure it and under the "USERS" Tab, on the "Roles" voice, there's no record at all.

i've tried to add some custom role, but they don't show up even if ProcessMaker tells me it has been saved correctly.

Also, when i try to add a new user, i can't select a role because the combobox is empty, thus blocking me from adding the user.

When i access the DB from a client, though, i can se that the table RBAC_ROLES has PROCESSMAKER_ADMIN, PROCESSMAKER_MANAGER, PROCESSMAKER_OPERATOR, RBAC_ADMIN and my custom roles in it. They just don't show up in the system.

Any help is very appreciated

Thanks in advance

Press F12 to turn on your web browser's debugger, and then go to Admin > Users > Roles in ProcessMaker

Then, go to the "Network" tab in the browser's debugger, and look for:
GET http://{domain}/sys{workspace}/{lang}/{skin}/roles/roles_Ajax?request=rolesList&_dc=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Select it in the list and then click on "Response" to see whether all the roles are being listed:
RolesInWebDebugger.png (268.98 KiB) Viewed 304 times

Are all your roles listed in the response?
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yes i use php thanks for the information