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Iam triyng to install Process Maker 3.2.3 from this link:

Iam decide to install whitout bitnami conventional installer cause its for a production enviroment so.

My Stack is as follows:

Mysql 5.6.43 ///////.Msi Installer
Php 5.6.40 ///////Folder
Processmaker 3.2.3 //////Folder
Windows Server 2012 R2 ///// On Premise

Iam using Chrome with a fresh installation and I also check mysql command line client and Runs OK!
and im able to connect without problems to mysql workbench and execute querys so i think mysql its properly installed.

i dont have php.ini file instead i have just php.ini-development and php.ini-production
i just configure php.ini-development to avoid errors before set up on production confg and this is my config based on wiki documentation stack 215.

i will attach my

conf files
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Opera Snapshot_2019-04-09_113029_192.168.181.142.png
my error problem
Opera Snapshot_2019-04-09_113029_192.168.181.142.png (65.74 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
Sooo what can i do to continue with my processmaker installation_???????? please help
You need to rename your php.ini-production file as php.ini

Then, made the changes listed in the wiki to the php.ini file. When done editing the file, you need to restart the Apache service or reboot your server for the changes in php.ini to take effect.

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