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I already have the Processmaker Core and Application forms translated to Georgian. I made a test to change the Process and Task names but these, it seems, are not localizable.
I don't understand Georgian and the users don't understand english. Changing the swimlanes to Georgian will give me some more work for correlation with an english version.
Is there an easy way of doing this?
Unfortunately, ProcessMaker 3 doesn't provide a way to translate process and task names. The only solution is to create two separate processes--one for English and another for Georgian.

PS: We used to provide a way to translate process and task names in version 2, but it no longer works in version 3, because version 3 stores this information in the PROCESS and TASK tables to improve performance, instead of using the CONTENT table which allows for translation.
Thanks Amos for your prompt reply.
Processmaker copies Groups and Departments when installing a new language. Why not doing the same for process and task names! This is an amazing tool and makes no sense this fault, because users view process and task names when running cases. Without this you can't considered the App to be multilingual.
You can file a bug report asking for the ability to translate Process and Task names. Unfortunately, most of developers are now focused on the future version 4, so it probably won't be fixed in version 3 unless a client with a support contract asks for it.
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