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Hello Experts
I want to run processmaker in a company. I installed bitnami version of PM on the company's server, but it does not work.
Is it possible to run ProcessMaker in this way or I should install in manual way?
Looking forward to your comments.
If you are planning to use ProcessMaker in production, then do a manual install.

Bitnami can work on a server, but if you already have Apache and MySQL installed, then it installed them on nonstandard ports.
Bitnami tells you which ports it used when it installed. For example, if Apache was already installed on the server, then Bitnami probably used port 8080, so you can login to ProcessMaker by using the web browser to go to the server's addess with ":8080" appended.
For example:

You may have a firewall blocking port 8080, so you should check whether that is the problem. You should also check whether the firewall is blocking the port used by MySQL.
Since you didn't mention what operating system your server is using, it is hard for me to help you debug the problem.
Thanks for your consideration
I defined the apache port in port 67. I tested ProcessMaker via the others clients in the following way:
I entered for example ( but, no page appeared.
Hence, you mentioned that, I have to check the Windows Firewall and allow program to communicate through windows firewall? Would you please explain in more details ?
Best Regards
Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer. Then in "Windows Logs", under the "Application" section, do you see an error message?

If you can't find an error message in " Windows Logs", then open a terminal and manually start Apache like this:
cd C:\Bitnami\processmaker-3.X.X-1\apache2\bin
httpd -k start -n processmakerApache

Do you see an error message now?
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