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By ajcosta
Hello Amosbatto,

Just upgraded my Test server from PM 3.3 Community Version with PHP 5.6 to PM 3.3.3 and upgraded PHP to PHP 7.1
After the upgrade, I started to get the following error displayed:

Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine/plugins/pmRestRequest.php on line 40

Line 40 has the following code:
$oPluginRegistry = &PMPluginRegistry::getSingleton();

if I remove the & before &PMPluginRegistry the error displayed disappears.

Nevertheless all plugins disappeared from the plugins manager in Admin.

Can you help on this?

Thank you

By ajcosta
Hi Amosbatto,

had to delete all the & from all plugins" $oPluginRegistry = &PMPluginRegistry::getSingleton(); " to get the plugins to show back in plugin manager.

Would this be the correct way to go?


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By amosbatto
Yes, that is the correct way to fix the problem.
Version 1.10 has already made that change to the code, so I assume that you are using an older version of the plugin.

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